Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chewy Tomato!!! (Soccer Teams Name)

So me and Jer started a soccer team in indoor league in Lindon. The amazing name is Chewy Tomato, just to give you an idea of our players here are a couple: Lito, Cesar, Jorge, Jer, Me, Jamie, Ryan Hamblin, Boo Boo, Yeko, etc... You get the point! We are all out of shape, haha... So our first game we lost, 10-0. But I will be posting more pics, and we will for sure win a couple! Haha... Here are a couple pics of us playing. They are kinda blurry, but that is ok.


  1. yo creo que sere la fan numero uno!!!! con esos resultados!!!!

  2. Haha... Dude, we need you in this team man.. Can you imagine, it gets kinda frustrating.. I pass the ball and run to get it back and they never pass it back!!! lol... There's that for you.