Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Associates Degree in Business

So I had applied for this a long time ago, and they take forever to send them. When I checked the mail yesterday it finally came! I got my associates degree diploma now, I am also almost done with my Bachelors. Just one or two more semesters at most and I am completely done with my bachelors. It felt really good to get the Diploma after all the hard work I put in to get it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Visita de Zel!

Zel came yesterday to Karenin's house. We ate enchiladas and talked a lot, it was really good to see him. I hadn't seen him for like 10 years almost I think. He has gained a couple pounds! Haha. Here are a couple pics.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Here it is SALO!!!

So Chewy Tomato had another game! This time we won 10-5.
Not bad hu? Hahahaha... We did pretty good! I had one goal, and Jorge had one goal, I had a bunch of assists too. It was good! Lito played keeper this time and he did good, last game he had scored an own goal. Haha.. Oh, also this time Cesar didn't play! lol.... That could have helped us! lol....I didn't take any pics. Next game I will try and get the team together to take a pic, just so you can see our quality players! Haha...


Yesterday I played a bit of soccer with most of the Chewy Tomato Team!!! It was good game and practice for our future games. After that I went to the Espinoza's house and hung out there for a bit and then we wend out on a double date to go bowling and then get some ice cream. We had payed $40 on gift certificates to play, but the lanes kept messing up. So I went and talked with the manager and we got all of the money back and got to play till we wanted to free. It was nice! Anyway, here are some pics of us playing and stuff.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Parkway Health Center

The 34,000 sq/ft project we were working on in Payson is finally finished. We estimated 192 hours of payment to employees, but we had to go a little over that. We went all the way to 207 hours paid. Then me and Jorge put in like 50-60 hours each of work. We started the project on the 14th of April and finished today. The Superintendent was real picky and kind of rude, but I worked with him and finally he was satisfied. We also worked with the Owners of the building to Strip and Wax their floors, I didn't take a before picture.. But they ended up looking REAL NICE!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

All Dressed Up!

So we figured we would take some pics of us nicely dressed up! Just for fun.

Chewy Tomato!!! (Soccer Teams Name)

So me and Jer started a soccer team in indoor league in Lindon. The amazing name is Chewy Tomato, just to give you an idea of our players here are a couple: Lito, Cesar, Jorge, Jer, Me, Jamie, Ryan Hamblin, Boo Boo, Yeko, etc... You get the point! We are all out of shape, haha... So our first game we lost, 10-0. But I will be posting more pics, and we will for sure win a couple! Haha... Here are a couple pics of us playing. They are kinda blurry, but that is ok.